The Assignment for MAFR

Dear Friends,

I would like to use this blog to exchange ideas, viewpoints and discussion for our MBA modules. To start the ball rolling, we can have the discussion on MAFR assignment.

According to our facilitator, we should:

1. Identify what are the financial resources?
2. Why this resources are important to the company?
3. What will happen if the company lack of financial resources?

In this assignment, we must know our assignment objective. Follow by using a company and identify the financial resources of the company, how the company utilize and control various resources. Our job is observe the control measurement of financial resources of the company and discuss on it. By conclusion we should address our objective and make recommendation for improvement.

I appreciated if all of you can contribute in making our assignment better.


  1. The purpose to control the company's financial resources is to reduce or minimize the usage of resouces therefore it will maximize the profit of the company.

  2. Yes, I agree. How to control the financial resources is the key. I run through the MAFR assignment video and understand that module leader wants us to describe how the company control its financial resources for the best of shareholder. He stress that no need to advocate advantage or distavantage. 1 suggestion is to minimize the account receivable to reduce risk, but in the same might reduce revenue also. How is the company to balance (or to optimize) the account receivable to maximize profit? (Working capital management?)